Dental Cleanings and Exams
Here at Adkison Family dental we strive to provide the most thorough exam by the utilization of digital x-rays and clinical examination.  By examining the x-rays taken we look for areas that have decay, cracks, chipped or broken teeth and bone loss.  We also check patients for periodontal disease by annually screening the periodontal pockets, check for bleeding gums, gingivitis and perform an oral cancer screening.  We select the type of dental cleaning required based on the individual needs.  Following your cleaning, a fluoride treatment is offered and a treatment plan is customized to fit your individual needs and wishes.
Dr. Adkison uses composite resin fillings which are white fillings that are often referred to as metal free fillings. These tooth colored fillings allow for the most cosmetic look and are bonded to the tooth for added strength. When placing these fillings all the decay and any old filling is removed. Then the tooth is coated with a desensitizing agent that disinfects the tooth before the filling is bonded in.
The goal of Adkison Family Dental as well as any reputable dental practice is to preserve as many teeth as possible but sometimes there is no other option but to extract a tooth due to large decay, vertical cracks or severely broken teeth.  Dr. Adkison performs many extractions both simple and surgical.  However, some teeth will require a referral to an oral surgeon due to the complexity of the extraction.
Root Canals
Root canal treatment also known as endodontic therapy is performed on a tooth when the pulp of the tooth is damaged either by decay or trauma.  This procedure involves the removal of dental pulp and complete disinfection of the canal followed by a root canal filling and final restoration that keeps the tooth permanently sealed to prevent the leakage of the tooth and subsequent reinfection.
Prosthetics and Implants
Dental implants are one of the best treatments today to replace missing teeth.  The advantage is in the fact that the adjacent teeth remain intact following the procedure compared to a traditional bridge.  Implants are also useful in the support of dentures that have become loose.  Dental implants can be an incredible confidence builder for somone who has fought with loose or uncomfortable dentures for years.  Dr. Adkison also constructs, dentures, partial dentures, all ceramic, PFM crowns and noble crowns and bridges for a very natural look.